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4 Inspirational Ideas for Your Pool Deck

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Did you know that more than 90% of Americans feel that their outdoor space is more valuable than it ever was before?

Well, if you feel this way, you're a part of that 90%! If that's the case, you may be rethinking how to organize your outdoor space or pool deck to look the best while also being the best space it can be.

How can you best entertain on your pool deck? Which layout looks the best? What material should you use?

If you're ready to learn more about how to better your paver patio space, you've come to the right place! Read on for some tips on how to deck out your pool deck (pun intended!).

1) Blend the Indoors and Outdoors

When it comes to having one of the best pool decks in town, you need to mix it up a bit from what your neighbors have. Instead of sticking with a patio that looks to be all outdoors, it can make a huge difference by adding in a spot that looks to be indoors. Whether that area is actually part of the indoors or not, the idea is the same: Make the outdoors blend with the indoors.

To do this, there are a few different ways.

For starters, you can create the patio to be all outdoors with an indoor feel. To do this, you can add an overhanging ceiling and pillars to cover the patio with shade. You can add an outdoor rug and some furniture that makes it feel like a room but is actually all outside.

Another way you can achieve this is by actually making your indoor space directly connect to your outdoor space. But how?

Adding in sliding doors that are on the same level as the patio is the best way to achieve this look. When you open the doors, that interior room is opened up completely to the outside (almost like it is a one-walled room). Whether this room is the master bedroom or the living room/kitchen area of the home, this pool deck idea is one of the best deck designs you can go for.

2) Add Wood to Your Pool Deck Design

Most of the time when you see an outdoor patio space, you see brick pavers that create it. It's probably rare that you see wood creating the entire pool deck area.

However, adding in wood can be a sleek look to add to your patio. If you like to entertain a lot, this is a great way to impress your guests.

To do it right, you'll want to have the wood deck meet the pool area. It creates a minimalist look that catches the eye. Not only does it catch the eye, but it also makes the entire pool deck look larger.

If you want to make the wood look even better, consider adding plants and trees at the other end of the patio. This creates a contrast that makes the entire area pop.

3) Create Layers and Mix Materials

Have you ever considered adding in a paver patio and then layering a different material on top? If not, you should!

This adds in a mix of textures and materials that create an entirely different dynamic on your patio. While this looks good on most patios, it is also a great idea to put it on a patio that has a lot of natural items surrounding it like bushes, trees, or a pond. The different layers of the patio make it blend naturally into its surroundings.

In addition to creating different layers, using different materials to create the layers adds more dimension to the pool deck. For instance, if you have brick pavers creating your patio space, adding a wooden deck near where the pool starts is a great way to create another layer while mixing materials at the same time.

4) Consider Adding Entertainment Space

When you think of a pool deck, you may automatically think about entertaining guests or your children's friends. Either way, adding in extra entertainment space is never a bad idea. And there are multiple ways to do it.

Outdoor kitchens are great if you feel that you will be entertaining guests at dinner parties or grilling out a lot. This way, you have more than just a grill. Instead, you have drawers, counter space, a refrigerator and sink, and whatever else you want to add out there for your convenience.

You can say goodbye to making multiple trips inside to the kitchen once you put in an outdoor kitchen area on your patio!

Another one of the best pool deck ideas to go with is adding in a sitting area. This could be under a pergola, in the open air with nothing over it, or under a screened-in area to protect you and your guests from bugs. Consider adding in hanging lights and an outdoor rug to make the area feel even homier.

Create Your Paradise

The outside of your home doesn't have to be an outsider. Instead, it should be a part of your home that you want to use often.

Whether you add in a simple pool deck with a paver patio feel or choose to completely deck out your space with hardscapes, retaining walls, or an outdoor kitchen, the space needs to feel like your own.

If you're ready to create a space that you absolutely love, we want to help you! With our expertise in paver installation, different types of pavers like brick pavers, and quality design, we can give you the best patio you've ever seen.

Contact us today so we can get started!

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