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Enhance your property's beauty and functionality with the leading paver contractor in St. Augustine. Our skilled team specializes in delivering exceptional paver installation services that will elevate your outdoor space to new heights. Experience the difference with Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers.

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Your Premier Choice for Pavers in St. Augustine

Transform your outdoor space with stunning pavers in St. Augustine. At Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers, we specialize in creating captivating outdoor environments that enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. Whether you're looking to upgrade your patio, create a picturesque walkway, or install a durable driveway, our team of experts is here to turn your vision into reality.

25 Years of Experience

We're the premier paver contractor in St. Augustine, setting the standard for patios, walks, and driveways. Our commitment goes beyond construction - we provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your surfaces retain their beauty and durability for years to come. Trust Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers for all your paver needs and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

Why Outdoor Escapes?

Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers is a leading paver, outdoor kitchen, and retaining wall installation company serving St. Augustine and surrounding areas. With a focus on both homeowners and businesses, we are dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces and creating stunning landscapes. Our services extend beyond St. Augustine to nearby areas.

With over 25 years of experience, we take pride in delivering high-quality services that exceed our customers' expectations. From the initial installation to any necessary repairs, we are committed to providing excellence every step of the way. Our team is not only focused on the job at hand but also on delivering exceptional customer service throughout the lifespan of your outdoor project.

Trust Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers to bring your outdoor dreams to life with professionalism, expertise, and a passion for creating remarkable outdoor escapes.
Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers

Driveway Paver Replacement in St. Augustine

Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers offers driveway pavers and driveway paver replacement in St. Augustine, FL. We specialize in paver driveway replacement, as well as brick pavers. We offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your home. We also offer a variety of financing options to make sure that you can get the driveway you want.

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Reasons why people love us

We don't just lay pavers, we build relationships and community. We take pride in the work we do because nothing makes us happier than knowing that you are satisfied with your paver project.
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Time Management

Don't let your time get away from you. Let Outdoor Escapes help you manage your time and get your project done on-time and under budget!


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and we don't believe in cutting corners. Every client is unique, and we take the time to get to know you and your business inside out.

Quality of Work

Experience the difference with Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers. We have the most experienced team and we have the happy clients to prove it. You're sure to get nothing less than high-grade, premium quality workmanship.

Easy Process

From start to finish, we take the hassle out of your project. Relax and let us take care of everything.

What is Outdoor Living Space?

Whether you entertain a crowd or want space to unwind, adding outdoor living space can increase your home's comfort and style. If your business is looking for an outdoor focal point, a feature created with pavers can make a stunning option.

Outdoor Kitchens

Custom kitchens that incorporate everything you need to cook and entertain outside.

Fire Pits

Enjoy the North Florida evenings with a fire pit designed to match your space.

Pool Decks

A paver pool deck elevates any pool area to an instant backyard paradise.


No matter what your lifestyle, we have a variety of options for patio designs large and small.

Why Choose Pavers for Your Outdoor Spaces?

Pavers can bring your dreams to life—and do so much more.

Beautiful Options

Pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs so you can customize your space. We offer design assistance and can answer any questions you have about recommendations.

Increase Your Home's Value

For timeless style and immediate curb appeal, you can't go wrong with pavers. Adding pavers is an investment in your home's aesthetic and functionality.

Stronger for Longer

Compared to poured concrete, pavers are stronger and more durable per square inch. When you want the most durable option, pavers are the best choice.

Less Maintenance

Although poured concrete is more economical upfront, it requires more upkeep. Concrete can crack and stain. Pavers are more flexible and, depending on their color, easier to clean.

Love your Outdoor Escape

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