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A New Homeowner's Guide to Modern Driveway Pavers

If you'd like to create a strong impression with your home, start with the first things that people see. Upgrading and improving the front of your home can improve your curb appeal by leaps and bounds.

Strong curb appeal can grow your property values by 7%. It makes your home someplace that you'd want to live, differentiates your home from your neighbors, and will also make your home more functional.

Installing driveway pavers is one of the best ways to enhance curb appeal. This guide to modern driveway pavers will help you make the necessary improvements to your home hardscape.

The Benefits of Modern Driveway Pavers

Instead of your driveway existing as one solid structure, driveway pavers are individual components that you can set into place however you'd like. Pavers can connect to create whatever kinds of patterns you'd like.

This is an excellent building material for everything from a pool patio to an outdoor kitchen. Once you know the benefits of modern driveway pavers, you can get the results that you're looking for.

Driveway Pavers Are Eco-Friendly

When you're a modern homeowner, you need to consider modern sensibilities. This means making decisions that are sustainable. Environmental consciousness is a top issue for homeowners today, and modern driveway pavers are the epitome of green-friendly.

For one, pavers make certain that there are no wasted materials. The blocks are pre-cut and pre-cast, and you will only order as much as you need. Compare this to pouring concrete, which will inevitably end up with plenty of wasted material.

Pavers also apply dry, so you won't need to be concerned about chemicals seeping into groundwater. Homeowners looking for eco-friendly upgrades will appreciate what driveway pavers can do for them.

They Have Great Investment Potential

Every home improvement should also boost your bottom line. Brick paver drivers deliver a substantial return on investment (ROI) when compared to other types of upgrades.

Knowing that the improvement you're making builds equity allows you to go about it in a savvy manner. Explore the designs and materials that will best boost equity in your home. This offers you the chance to have a stronger real estate portfolio.

Brick Paver Driveways Are Stylish

Installing brick paver driveways will also serve you because these finished products look amazing. You will appreciate the style points and how these driveways frame the front of your home.

You can create a picturesque driveway of any style, including modern, contemporary, and rustic driveways. Using these pavers offers a great way to distinguish your home from the others on your block.

The Types of Driveway Pavers

One of the best parts about brick paver driveways is that they are incredibly versatile. You can find plenty of different types and styles, and there are also several professionals that specialize in these installations.

Consider these points when exploring your driveway paver options:

Explore Driveway Designs

The modern driveway can be whatever you need it to be. We're a long way from the concrete slope being the only style. There are a wide variety of potential driveway designs that you can explore, such as:

  • A curved driveway that creates a loop, with a fountain or other fixture in the middle
  • A traditional concrete driveway that consists of large blocks of the same size
  • Patterned driveways made with unique shapes and textures
  • Stone pavers of different shapes
  • Small squares of different styles

No matter what driveway paver style you decide on, make sure that it fits the style of your house. Choose designs that are timeless and practical, while showing off some unique flair.

Find the Right Driveway Colors

You need to also consider colors when choosing your driveway pavers. One of the strengths of building your driveway with pavers is that the color possibilities are endless.

Consider the color psychology at play so that your driveway not only matches your home but creates the mood and environment that you prefer. Using different shades of green express virtues of groundedness, a connection to the planet, and harmony. Brown exudes longevity and resilience.

Look at some sample pavers and digital renderings to explore your color options to the fullest.

Study the Different Driveway Materials

It's also vital that you choose brick pavers made from your ideal materials. Though these pavers are pre-fabricated, they come in the same materials used to build a traditional driveway.

Examples of brick paver materials include:

  • Asphalt
  • Stamped concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Tile
  • Brick

Figure out what looks best and what will hold up best based on your climate. Living in a hot and humid area like Florida that also gets plenty of storms means you'll need pavers that can hold up against these conditions.

Hire a Team of Professionals

Take the time to hire driveway professionals that can assist you when you're shopping for brick pavers. They will show you examples of their previous work and will conduct a site survey.

During the consultation, make sure to also get some price quotes from these professionals so that you can stick to your driveway project budget.

Get the Most From Your Driveway

When you're ready to explore modern driveway pavers, these tips offer a great point of entry. These driveways will pay off huge for your home in so many ways. The only thing left to do is to reach out to Outdoor Escapes for more information.

When you're ready to get started, fill out our form or call us at any of our four branches: 407-456-7000 (North Florida), 352-277-6606 (Ocala), 407-456-7000 (Ocala), and 321-752-1992 (Brevard).

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