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Pool Deck Pavers: Travertine


Over the past two years, swimming pool installations were highest in Florida. It surpassed states like California, Texas, and Arizona which are usually high on the list as well.This isn't likely to change this year as there were over 2000 pool permits issued for the state in July.

Is one of them yours? If so, there's an important installation element that you shouldn't overlook.

Decking provides the transition from your home to your pool area. More importantly, it should be slip resistant and cool.

A Travertine pool deck covers this and more. But you'll need to get experienced pool deck pavers to install it. Read on to learn more about this amazing pool deck option.

What is Travertine?

Travertine was first used by the ancient Romans as a building material. The Romans considered its texture and beauty ideal for constructing monuments. A perfect example of this, which still exists today, is Rome's famous Colosseum.

Travertine is a hardy, natural material formed from limestone, usually near natural springs. Mineral deposits found at these locations create swirls throughout the limestone. This gives it a distinct design.

It is not surprising that Travertine is still a popular choice. It's used today for building facades, shower and tub tiling, pool lining, and of course, pool decks.

What Are Travertine Pavers?

Travertine, in the form of tiles or pavers, is usually used for flooring or landscaping. You can use either rectangular or square slabs. These can be 1-1/4 to two inches thick.

Pavers are thick and more rugged while tiles are thinner and have a smoother appearance.  

There are an array of natural Travertine colors such as cream, white, and tan. It also comes in various finishes including honed, tumbled, brushed, or polished. Polishing provides an additional range of colors from grey to red.

Concerned about which would be most appropriate for your pool area? You can consult with your pool deck pavers. They will let you know which finish provides the most slip-resistant surface.

Benefits of Installing a Travertine Pool Deck

Can you now envision the beautiful aesthetic that Travertine can create around your pool? It can give your outdoor area a luxurious look.

Its textured visual appeal is great for any outdoor setting. Chances are you can get a color and texture to match your vision for the exterior of your home.

All this is extremely important. But there are even more benefits to choosing Travertine:


The Roman Colosseum is almost 2000 years old and still standing. It's a testament to the durability of Travertine. It will withstand high foot traffic, spills, and heavy furniture.

When enhancing the area around your pool, there's also no limit. Travertine can accommodate the weight of rock features or fountains. It can also withstand the Florida heat.

Heat Resistant

The highest temperature recorded in Florida was 108°F in 1931. Although the average daily temperature is usually closer to 70°F, Florida can still get quite hot. Temperatures can sometimes exceed 85 degrees.

This can be a nightmare if you use decking that retains heat on its surface. Travertine doesn't.

It transfers the cooler underground temperatures to the surface. It also reflects the rays from the sun.

This combination results in a surface that remains cool. This occurs regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Slip-Resistant Surface

Unfortunately, slip and falls around the pool can be quite common. This is usually a result of using the wrong decking or surface.

You get the assurance of a slip-resistant surface with a Travertine pool deck. Water will inevitably get on its surface but due to its porosity, it's quickly absorbed.

This means fewer puddles. It also means little to no flooding or runoff during a heavy downpour.

Easy Maintenance

Travertine is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of debris, dirt, and grime. You can do this with a soft broom or vacuum.

You can also wipe up any spills with a soft cloth. You might even think there is a stain after a spilled substance has set in.

But even these substances are easy to remove due to Travertine's porous surface. All you need is a stain remover and a rag and your surface will be as good as new.

Getting the Right Pool Deck Pavers for the Job

The benefits of Travertine make it an amazing pool decking option. But you'll want to ensure it's installed correctly.

Outdoor Escapes specializes in designing and building pool decks. We can also install a Travertine deck for you.

We begin with a consultation so we know exactly what you want and can guide you accordingly. We will then do a site review where you can see and approve the final plans.

Our team will manage all the construction elements. This includes the installation process during the design and development phase. Our goal is to provide you with a backyard oasis you can enjoy every day.

We've already provided this for many homeowners in Florida.

Decking to Suit Your Needs

There's always a substantial initial investment associated with pool installations. But it's an investment you get great returns on.

You can enjoy your pool all year round in Florida. Homes with pools also tend to increase in value.

One reason for this is the beautiful aesthetic a pool adds to a home. It's why you will no doubt put time and effort into choosing the best pool materials.

This should enhance your backyard and reflect your unique style. But they should also be safe for your family and guests.

A Travertine pool deck meets all these requirements. Outdoor Escapes are the pool deck pavers that will get the job done. Don't wait! Let's get started today!

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