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Top 5 Pool Decks Ideas You Should Consider

Pool Deck

With swimming being the fourth most popular sports activity in the country, having an elegant and functional pool deck is a no-brainer.

The deck surrounding your swimming pool enhances the overall feel and look of the area. You can design it in different ways, including contemporary styles, composite designs, or a rustic finish. The design may also feature materials such as brick, tile, stone, or wood, depending on your tastes.

Consider maintenance, durability, safety, looks, and cost when redesigning your pool deck. Read on as we look at five of the best pool decks ideas you can use to give your deck an appealing makeover.

1. Incorporate Nature in the Design

Surround your pool deck with plenty of greenery to give it a natural feel. Your options, in this case, will include small trees, ornamental grasses, and structural shrubs.

Add ornamental plants around the outdoor pavers proportionally to beautify the space. The plants should fit in with other landscaping and outdoor elements. They should also be safe for pets and children and easy to maintain.

Choose plants that can grow and thrive in your area's climate. Before planting them, you should also learn more about their care requirements and growing conditions. To reduce the cleaning workload, don't choose plants that shed many leaves.

Adding plants around your pool decks comes with some challenges and concerns. Some ornamental shrubs and grasses don't react well with chlorinated water. Ensure that the ones you're getting can tolerate chlorinated water splashed from the pool.

Plant the shrubs or grasses at least 6 feet away from the pool's edge if they are slow growers to give them room to grow. Deciduous trees or plants with cones and spines aren't ideal for swimming pool decks since they prefer drier conditions. Go for shorter shrubs to allow sunlight on most deck parts.

2. Install Spectacular Decking Lighting

Proper-fitted decking lighting allows you to enjoy your pool at night. Opt for lighting designs that look subtle during the day and offer plenty of light at night. Install the fixtures on the deck steps for additional safety and curb appeal.

You can mount the light on roof gables or in trees to create an illusion of moonlight. Installing them in the overhead branches can also help you achieve the same effect. If you don't have trees nearby, you can mount the lights on the gables or motifs of your house.

You can light water features like waterfalls (if your pool has any) for light to dance off the pool. Install a wash light on a tall tree or on the pool's edge to create a soft floodlight.

Light up the surrounding structures to create a resort atmosphere around the pool. You may add recessed lighting in your pergola to illuminate the seating and dwelling areas. Attaching uplights on the floor or bottom of the pergola posts can help highlight your pool's structure.

3. Experiment with Warm-Toned Timber

Timber decking pairs well with a circular pool if you are looking for a natural yet simple design. It's a clever approach if you want a deck design that's a little bit laid back. Add red-hued timber planks around the decks to create a tropical feel.

Combine the timber decking with parasols and sun loungers to complete the look. The warm-toned timber needs to be sealed and stained regularly to fight water damage. You should also consider the maintenance requirements before choosing one.

Ask your contractor to use composite wood to build a deck around the pool if you want a low-maintenance option. Though composite wood looks like timber, it is built from plastic and costs more.

After deciding on the timber to use, measure your desired deck space. The decking may be too small or too big if you don't have the right measurements. Choose a height between 3 and 6 feet for elevated deck space.

4. Go for Stylish Safety Rails

Pool rails offer an additional measure of safety when accessing a pool. Choose beautifully designed steel rails to make a bold statement. They should appear as deck ornaments and capture your personality.

Also, invest in handrails and pool ladders with an attractive finish to give the pool a facelift. Opt for a railing set that blends well with your house style, patio furniture, and yard. Meridian or artisan designer-inspired rails can give your deck a sophisticated look.

Consider durability, functionality, and curb appeal when choosing rails for your pool deck. You should also factor in your budget and the potential cost savings that this investment will bring. The rail materials should withstand the weather conditions in your area and chlorinated water in the pool.

5. Opt for a Seamless Design

A pool deck with a seamless design feels contemporary and minimalistic. To add elegance to an open-plan pool, you may go for narrow decking planks in a simple gray tone. Match the decking style with the style of your interior floors for an indoor-outdoor-living feel.

A seamless pool idea for a chic look is adding a corner sofa or dining set. You may also use sleek tiling or tone down the outlines and edges of the pool to give it a resort feel.

Colored and stamped concrete will also be great if you want to customize the space. Stamped concrete can resist fading, water damage, and harsh pool chemicals when sealed. You can also mix the sealant with a non-skid additive to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Ready to Employ These Pool Decks Ideas?

Use these pool decks ideas to change your pool's entire look and feel. Also, learn more about the care requirements of any decking materials or decorations used to give the deck a facelift. These pool ideas can come to life when you involve a swimming pool contractor.

Turn to Outdoor Escapes by Alliance Pavers for unique pool deck designs to improve your home's curb appeal. We specialize in outdoor kitchens, premium pavers, and wall installations. Contact our representatives for more help on our wide range of services.

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